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My name is Rich Robinson and I’m a licensed psychotherapist. I’ve been working with people toward their growth and healing for 25 years. If you are struggling, or want more from life, please call me. Lets talk about what you are looking for and if we can work together toward achieving it. I look forward to meeting you. 




As a Licensed Psychotherapist I create a safe space for people to access and unpack their stories, see their patterns, heal their traumatic moments. I support people in releasing blocks, taking steps forward, and accessing greater freedom.

Life Centered Therapy


Most issues and illnesses are symptoms of something that was too much to handle at the time. By processing unresolved experiences you can be free of the symptoms they cause. In Life Centered Therapy people find the source of their issues, and process their unresolved material in a way that is safe and manageable. We use energetic testing to direct us to the root cause of issues. I find this work elegant in its effectiveness and efficiency. 

Click here to read about two real Life Centered Therapy Sessions. The sessions have been written to protect the client’s privacy and both clients have given permission to post the accounts of their sessions. 



From the moment I met Rich I could tell he had potent pure magic to share... I am so grateful to have experienced many powerful breakthroughs with the work that he offers. He is a magnificent facilitator, really allowing to reach the core of an issue and transform it from the root.... soooo powerful!! I have been singing and performing in public for some years and would always find myself battling with such terror before going on stage it was almost unbearable .... after one Life Centered Therapy session with Rich I was able to step out into the stage and feel relaxed and fully present, to fully engage with the audience and really enjoy myself! Truly a miracle!  Such a blessing to receive this gift that keeps on giving! Thank you Rich! 

GH, Birmingham UK, November 2017

I whole-heartedly recommend Rich Robinson's work in Life Centered Therapy. This work is wonderful for getting at the source of issues with elegance and ease. It is like a shamanic journey into ones soul level truth. I worked on a deeply painful topic and was held with the highest respect in my vulnerability. Rich is kind, sensitive, aware and highly skilled with many years of personal growth work and training combined to make for an excellent facilitator. I came away with a release of past pain I'd been carrying for many years about taking my work from a private setting to a more public one.  I am now empowered to be who I need to be for the next expression and expansion of my work out in the world. I don't feel scared anymore. I am deeply grateful!  

Cindy, Communications and Relationship Consultant, Sonoma County, Caifornia


Meeting Richard and entering into the modality of Life Centered Therapy has been a turning point, not only in terms of this particular year, but in relation to my current incarnation on Earth. The work that has been possible through Life Centered Therapy has been powerfully transformative for me, with a healing potential that goes way beyond this lifetime merely. 

Thank you, Richard, for the continuity you built with me. I value this continuity very much. I am so hugely grateful to you for mysteriously awakening in me a path to love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and generosity. This is something you have done not only in principle, but through your entire way of being. My gratitude and appreciation is inestimable. Thank you Richard.

Sharon, Johannesburg, December 2017


About Rich

25 Years in the Healing Arts

Life Centered Therapy   2016 - Present 

I do Life Centered Therapy (LCT) because it is a tool to access and heal trauma at the source, the moment an event traumatized my client, in this life or in another life. I use energetic testing to get instructions from the person’s higher self, or soul. This directs us to the most important thing for them to work on in that moment, their highest priority healing. I call it ‘psycho – spiritual surgery’. It is very efficient and effective. 

Psychotherapy Intern and Licensed Clinician   2003 - Present
I worked as a psychotherapy intern and then licensed clinician in middle schools and high schools. I worked with individual students, groups, and families. Following that I transitioned to   private practice, working with teens, individual adults, and couples. 

Energetic Testing   2002 - Present
I have used energetic testing as an excellent diagnostic tool when working with clients.

Somatic Psychotherapy   Fall 1999 - Spring 2003
I received a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychotherapy, Somatic Concentration from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. We studied how our bodies hold our emotions and patterns and the importance of including our bodies in our personal healing and growth. 

Bodywork and Energy Work   1995 - 1999
I learned Thai Massage in Thailand in 1995. In 1996 I  opened a Thai Massage private practice and taught Thai Massage. I also did reflexology, aromatherapy, and Reiki. I learned to feel dense energy locked in peoples’ bodies and facilitated people releasing old energy, blocking their vitality and causing dis-ease. This often included emotional catharsis of tears, laughter, memories, or visions. I worked at a premier Inn & Spa, doing multiple sessions daily in a gazebo overlooking a beautiful view. I loved that job. 


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$125 per 50 minute session

Sliding fee scale if needed


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